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When you visit this page your computer will automatically start to fight disease by running protein folding simulations for scientists around the world. We call this "folding". You can stop folding at any time by clicking the button above.

You are contributing to project N/A.

The progress bar shows an estimate of how long the current task should take. The text directly below the progress bar tells you what task the client is currently working on. Typical tasks are downloading, waiting, running a simulation or sending back results.

Scientists submit simulation projects to Folding@home. The project box displays information about the simulation project currently running on your computer. It tells you information about the science, the type of disease being targeted and the person or persons responsible for the research.

Folding power controls how much of your computer's resources Folding@home uses. If you want to see what your high performance system can do crank it up to Full. If your computer starts to stress out move it to Light to give it a break.

These settings have the following meaning:


Actual usage will be less than these values and depends on how many CPU cores your system has available and what other processes are running on your computer at the time.

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Team identifiers must be whole numbers no more than ten digits long.

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Passkeys must be exactly 32 characters long and contain only: 0123456789abcdefABCDEF

If you do not have a passkey please leave this field blank.

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Sorry if you're having trouble. There are many online resources to help you.


Start here to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Folding@home.

Community Support

The Folding Forum has a very active community of expert folders who would be glad to help you with any problems you might have. It is also a great place to get more involved.

Software Bugs

Please click here to report bugs.

More Info

For more about the science of protein folding and the Folding@home project, click here.


This project was made possible in part by funding from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.

Learn More & Join the Community

Scientists around the world utilize your donated computer time to better understand and develop cures for some of humanity's worst diseases. Simply by running Folding@home software you are aiding research for Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and many cancers.

People like you, from all over the globe, currently donate the unused power of over a quarter of a million computers, forming the world's most powerful distributed super-computer.

The Science

Proteins help fight disease by first assembling themselves or "folding". When proteins misfold, there can be serious health consequences.

If we better understand protein misfolding we can design drugs and therapies to combat these illnesses.

See our Folding Science page and the Protein Folding Wikipedia page.

The Software

Folding@home software aids research by simulating protein folding. The calculations are immense so we break them into small "work units" and pass them to individual computers like yours to solve. computers assemble data from thousands of work units into meaningful answers to important scientific questions.

See the Folding@home Wikipedia page.

Get Involved

One of the best ways to help Folding@home is by recruiting your friends and family. Start by sharing our project with them.

Then join a team or even start your own team. The more points you and your team earn, the closer we come to finding cures.

Our non-profit organization also accepts donations.

Join a folding team and compete against other teams for points.

If you have joined a team you should enter your team number above. Then the points you earn to be added to your team's total.

A passkey is a unique identifier which you can use to track your individual points. It will also allow you to earn bonus points.

Folding@home allows anyone to use any valid name to identify themselves. This means that if you choose a common name there are likely other people using it as well.

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We're sorry, we could not load Folding@home in your browser because our Web app requires Google Chrome version 31 or better.

You may like to try our Desktop App instead.

We're sorry, we could not load Folding@home in your browser.
  1. Are you using the Google Chrome browser version 31 or newer?

    This Folding@home Web App requires Google Native Client which is provided by the Google Chrome browser. You can check to see if you have version 31 or better by typing chrome://version in to your address bar.

  2. Have you enabled NaCl?

    Currently you must enable Native Client manually by typing chrome://flags/#enable-nacl into the Chrome address bar and clicking Enable. If it says Disable that means Native Client is already enabled.

  3. Is NaCl debugging disabled?

    Native Client debugging is disabled by default but if it is enabled it will inhibit our software from running. To ensure debugging is disabled, type chrome://flags/#enable-nacl-debug into the Chrome address bar check the setting.

  4. After making changes did you restart your browser?

    To make changes to the NaCl settings take effect, choose Quit from your browser menu and start again.

  5. Are you connected to the Internet?

    You must be connected to the Internet to run Folding@home. Our software downloads problems to work on from scientific institutions around the world and uploads solutions found by your computer which help scientists fight disease.

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