NaCl Web Client Shutdown Notice

Folding@home is alive and well but our NaCl Web client has been shutdown permanently as of June, 2019.

The NaCl client made it possible to run Folding@home in a Chrome Web browser. Development of this software was performed by Joseph Coffland of Cauldron Development LLC and was funded by the Hong Kong University Science & Technology.

During it's 6 year lifespan, the NaCl client contributed 48 million Folding@home work units towards the study of human diseases. This represents a contribution of roughly 1.3 million CPU days.

Our decision to retire the NaCl client was due to a combination of Google deprecating NaCl and infrastructure upgrades at Folding@home which would have required extra effort to continue to support the NaCl folding client.

We appreciate your contribution to Folding@home. To continue folding, please install our Desktop App